Long-term care…not short-term repairs.

Macserv IT offers tech support that’s firmly focused on business productivity and success. Much more than IT technicians, we consider ourselves a business partner regarding Mac technology.

We tend to attract and retain clients who share our obsession with Apple technology. We also assist companies craving to convert a Windows-based workplace to a Mac workflow. When it comes to setting up and maintaining Macs for business, Macserv does it all. We manage your IT quality of life with Mac-loving care. Of course we can support Windows as well.

Our knowledge, support network, and business-continuity approach to IT are all reasons why you’ll enjoy meeting us. We like to have fun, and we consider ourselves the friendliest Mac consultants on the block.

Virtual CIO
If you could transform your business’s IT usage from an ever-creeping cost into a profit center (based on long-term strategy and continuous workflow analysis), you’d do it. But due to company size, you can’t justify carrying the cost of a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO).
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Bust a Move (from PCs to Macs)
Macserv IT is a (technical!) “marriage counselor” for business owners thinking about ending their longtime relationship with PCs (and finding love anew with Macs). Before you select china patterns and plan the honeymoon, ensure that switching from a PC environment to the Mac platform is a match made in IT heaven.
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The Love Is Gone (w/ Your IT Help)
Relying on one employee for your IT needs or a tech firm that invoices you every time you call is a headache-inducing strategy. That’s a lot of misery to endure—and you’re paying for it! Your in-house IT support is most likely an overworked individual with overlapping responsibilities and mixed alliances among your staff.
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IT Rescue
We all rely on technology to run our activities of daily business. But what to do when your technology throws a temper tantrum unresolvable by flipping the power switch? You need that problem child reined in and working properly—now. Fortunately, Macserv IT knows how to dispense the appropriate discipline.
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